We’re looking for Resellers!

Think you have what it takes too sell Subscriptions?

Start your own IPTV Business with us!

We are currently looking for people too Resell our service, what does this mean?

We will give you Subscriptions at wholesale value too resell too your own customers for an incredible monthly profit. You will have access to your own Web Panel which you can use to control all aspects of your Customers and their Packages, giving you control over which customers have access too what – not only that but we will give you the groundwork too be able to create your own Sub Resellers who you can sell your Subscriptions onto for them too then sell to their own customers – giving you the opportunity to give others the opportunity to create their own IPTV Business and Brands.

We’re offering fantastic introductory rates!

At the moment we are giving new Resellers insanely good rates on Subscriptions, this allows you as a Reseller to create a bigger client pool and start generating income – Fast. We are currently offering new Resellers the current rates on Subscriptions and Credits:-

1 Month (Monthly Subscriptions) 1 Credit
3 Months (Quarterly Subscriptions) 2 Credits
6 Months (Semi-Annually Subscriptions) 3 Credits
12 Months (Annually Subscriptions) 4 Credits

Introductory Credit Prices are as follows:-

Credits 50 200
Credit 90 300
Credit 250 500
Credit 650 1000

With you setting your own prices for subscriptions, we give you the framework to make as much profit as you can – we don’t tolerate people taking the piss out of customers so anybody found to be charging daft amounts of money for subscriptions will be kicked out of the Group. We will help you in every direction and give you advice to help you grow. There is a minimum buy of 50 credits – so bare that in mind when making contact.

If you’re interested in joining the Zimba Media – Message  via WhatsApp:  +447389 676642 and let us know!